Over The Counter Products

The Hempery, a brand owned and operated by OmniCanna Health Solutions, develops products for the over the counter market for hair and skin with hemp seed oil as its main ingredient.

The Hempery products truly are nature's perfect skin care because they contain an abundance of pure hemp seed oil and coconut oil. Hemp seed oil has been called "nature's perfect food for humanity." A rare protein known as globule edestins is found only in the hemp seed and it mimics the globulin found in blood plasma. Hemp contains all the essential amino acids necessary for human life. Coconut oil also contains a unique combination of fatty acids with powerful medicinal properties. Skin is the largest and fastest growing organ in the body. Since skin absorbs a large part of what we put on it—why not use the most regenerative and nourishing substances available? The base of all the products in The Hempery collection is the unique pairing of hemp seed oil and coconut oil—an ultra nutritious treat for the skin. Your skin can now experience the miracle of their benefits every day.


Line of Products

HMO is made with a unique formulation of plant and flower oils that are revitalizing for the skin. Apply all over, everyday and watch as your skin regains its radiance. The anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties in hemp seed oil make it a superior, all natural skin care solution.

What do you get when you mix our signature Hempery Miracle Oil (hemp seed oil, coconut oil & lavender) and liquid castile soap? A milky, green, fragrant regenerative cleanser for the skin. This amazing creamy soap literally cleanses AS it moisturizes.

A new way to moisturize hands and body. These lovable bars melt with the warmth of your hands, moisturizing and protecting like none other. The cocoa butter, hemp seed oil, coconut oil and lavender are all dynamite for skin while the beeswax works as an emulsifier. Hemp Lotion Bars have a light scent of various essential oils including rose, lavender, and almond.

This amazingly fragrant soap heals dry skin as it cleans. These 4 ounce wonder soaps contain hemp based glycerine and HMO (hemp seed oil, coconut oil and lavender essential oil) plus some natural rose fragrance.

Only the freshest organic hemp seed and essential oils go into this small batch lip balm. So yummy and all natural it's addictive. The natural cocoa butter and essential peppermint oil makes it tastes just like a peppermint pattie!
Hemp Tasty Hemp Heart Seed Seasoning Blends are Nutritious and Delicious High Quality Seasoning Blends prepared with the added benefits Hemp Heart Seeds, Essential Omega's, Fiber and Pure Plant Protein all of which promotes a healthy Body and Soul. 
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