Management Team

Greta GainesGreta Gaines 
CEO & Director

Ms. Gaines is a well-known businesswoman in the industry. She is known as an innovator especially in her favorite niche—the hemp market. She believes in the use of hemp and proudly develops hemp-based solutions. She has the deepest faith in hemp as a valuable and healing commodity.

Greta served on the national board of NORML for 3 years and remains on its advisory board. She is also on the advisory board of Patients Out of Time and Tennesseans United. Greta has displayed a lifelong pattern of success in business from her early days as the first women's extreme snowboarding world champion to running her own snowboarding camps for women. Greta went on to produce her own television programming on the shows she hosted for Oxygen and ESPN 2. She furthers her success in the entertainment industry with multiple southern-rock album releases. Ms. Gaines has owned and operated her own record label since 1999, through which she has learned marketing, distribution and production. Greta is an artist and has used that talent in her branding and company marketing campaigns, including social media. Ms. Gaines' opinions are nationally respected in the industry and beyond. She routinely speaks at national industry conventions and educational forums.

Ms. Gaines appreciates the historical relevance of hemp and how it can positively impact the American economy on a number of levels, from farming to product development and sales. Women are believed to purchase as much as 80% of household products. This makes Ms. Gaines' renowned voice in the market vital to the Company, as the Company believes that women will be the first to invest in and use OmniCanna products.


       Robert Kane 
                                           President & Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Kane wrote his first business plan in 1996. In 1998, he was hired at Ryan, Beck, and Company, which was bought by the 120-year-old, top ten, financial firm Stifel Nicolaus (NYSE: SF) as a registered representative.

On December 31, 2009, Mr. Kane walked away from the financial markets and started his own firm, Robert Kane Partners, which specializes in business and management planning, investor presentations, and investor relations.


      Chef Wayne Howey
                                                 Head of Food Services

Chef Wayne Howey has been around food his entire life.  His focus is 'Clean Eating' and brings that focus into all of his dishes.  An international award winning chef, Chef Wayne brings a lifetime of expertise and flavor to the Omnicanna Food Division which is focused on hemp based dishes, condiments, and foods.